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“Storm of love”: scandal at the dream wedding?

The news about “Storm of Love” in our ticker +++ Is Maja’s and Florian’s big day in danger? +++ fans bitterly disappointed +++ this star was injured +++ will Ariane be kidnapped? +++

November 18: Cornelius causes trouble

“Storm of Love” is currently heading for its romantic season finale: the dream wedding between May (Christina Arends) and Florian (Arne Löber). But while the wedding couple is busy planning the most beautiful day of their lives, they pull away dark clouds on the horizon on: In the house father Cornelius(Christoph Mory) comes back to personally experience his daughter’s big day. Somebody doesn’t seem at all enthusiastic about it: Florians Brothers Erikwith which Cornelius once around Selina (Katja Rosin) had argued. When the two meet, threatens to escalate the situation. Will the argument between the two overshadow the wedding? In any case, the fans can be excited to see how the situation will develop …

November 17th: Fans reckon with the dream man

In “Sturm der Liebe” it has recently become clear: Paul (Sandro Kirtzel) is back and will fall in love all over again! Whether he will ultimately take his heart Constanze (Sophia Schiller) or Josie (Lena Conzendorf) given away, the fans will find out in the new season. But it is also clear: Paul has pretty changed – and not everyone likes that. After the great joy of the return of the series favorite, they are now on Facebook the first critical voices loud. Paul be a “Lackaffe“It says in some comments. And one fan is even sure:”Romy would never have wanted him like that.“Oops! Ob Pauls late wife would actually be so happy about what has become of him in the meantime? It is quite possible that we do learned over the course of this season. Because of course it could always be that Romy (Desirée von Delft) at least once again in a dream or memory sequence of Paul returns.

November 16: Dirk Galuba bravely continues to turn

“Storm of Love” star Dirk Galuba was injured. The public was made by her colleague Natalie Alison, who recently had an outdoor shoot with him and colleague Debby Müller. On the reel that the actress posted is Dirk Galuba’s right thumb to see conspicuous plaster. What exactly happened to the “storm of love” primeval rock Natalie Alison did not reveal that another detail was much more important to her: the plaster that Dirk Galuba was treated with has a cute owl pattern. We think: he could wear that more often …

November 15: Is this ex-couple getting upset?

“Sturm der Liebe” fans suffer and are always very happy with their favorite series. They also have a very clear opinion about many characters very quickly, but as polarized as Ariane Kalenberg (Viola Wedekind) hasn’t had anyone for a long time. Many fans love their evil beinghow she keeps spinning intrigues – and getting away with it frighteningly often. But that’s exactly what many of them do Has been against the grain for a long time, apparently so much so that they put the story around Ariane does not let go even in sleep. A fan now writes on Facebook: “I dreamed that Erik and Ariane were kidnapped, you will never see them again.“To underline that she thinks that’s good, the fan also posts underneath a gif of a cheering woman. Kidnappings would be nothing new in “Sturm der Liebe”, but whether it really is Erik (Sven Waasner) and Ariane will hit? And what would that actually be for the relationship of the ex-couple mean? The fans will have to wait and see if it really comes to that.

You can see what was going on in the “Storm of Love” -andom last week read here.

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