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‘Squid Game’ director reveals two themes for his next film [SBS D포럼]

SBS D-Forum, a platform for sharing social contribution knowledge, opened today (18th) with the theme of ‘Fifty million voices, looking for a conductor’.

Considering that the risk of a pandemic (a global pandemic) still exists, the D Forum will be held non-face-to-face this year as it was last year.

Today’s SBS D Forum will be broadcast live on the SDF website.

Self-portrait of the times… things we need to talk about

Squid Game (2021, Director/Screenplay), Robbery (2020, Adapted/Produced), Namhansanseong (2017, Director/Screenwriter), My Suspicious Woman (2014, Director/Adapter), The Crucible (2011, Director/Screenplay), My Father ( 2007, Director/Screenplay), Miracle Road (2005, Director)

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who has been introducing a new genre and story to each work since his debut with the movie in 2007, is a director who is always curious about his next work. The movie (2011), which depicts the unbelievable true story of a school for the deaf, caused a great sensation in society as a result of the enactment of related laws, and (2014) captivated 8.66 million viewers with a warm and pleasant laugh. Of course, it achieved the feat of being remade in eight countries, including China, Vietnam, Japan, and Thailand. Namhansanseong (2016), the first historical drama directed, gave a deep resonance with a heavy message that transcends time, and won the Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Picture and the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Screenplay.

He, who has been loved for his captivating story and deep theme, surprised the world with this time. contains a strong story by combining the modern society driven by extreme competition and the play of childhood memories. Director Hwang said, “It seems that only despair, fear, anger, and sadness remain to those who are in the game, but I also wanted to convey hope through a character who does not lose his humanity in the meantime.” Asked questions you can relate to.

※ For details, you can check the video.

Source: SBS D Forum 2021

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