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Sasha is the celebrity councilor in the finals

“The Masked Singer”
Sasha is the celebrity councilor in the finals

Sasha won the fourth season of “The Masked Singer” as Dino.

© ProSieben / Willi Weber

The finale of the current season of the hit show “The Masked Singer” will take place next Saturday. Sasha is a guest on the advice team.

Four more costumed celebrities are fighting to win the current “The Masked Singer” season. When the grand finale takes place at ProSieben on November 20 from 8:15 p.m., Sasha (49) will also be there. The singer won the previous season in the dinosaur mask, but this time he will take on a different role. He will support the advice team of Ruth Moschner (45) and Rea Garvey (48) as a celebrity guest and advise which costumed stars could still be there.

“The dinosaur is back,” says Sasha happily in a press release and explains: “After I was able to experience the show up close as a masked singer, I have a completely different view of the stars under the masks and a few hot tips in my luggage.”

This is what Sasha thinks of the “The Masked Singer” candidates

There are also Mülli Müller, the pug, the heroine and the caterpillar. The tiger can be seen exclusively online. Sasha also reveals what he thinks of the candidates.

“We all heard that the caterpillar has an amazing voice,” says Sasha, who hopes that she will surprise “with a whole new facet” in the final. Mülli Müller, who reminds him “a bit of the dinosaur”, describes Sasha as an “absolute surprise bag” and as “super likeable”.

The pug is “very exciting” and you want to “cuddle him all the time”. And he also raves about the heroine: “A really great mask. Combative, mystical, exciting songs. I hope that the heroine will really get everyone involved again at the finale!”

Numerous stars had to unmask themselves before the final. Most recently, presenter Annemarie Carpendale (44, Teddy) and actress Andrea Sawatzki (58, Axolotl) took off their masks. Previously retired: Actor Samuel Koch (34, Phoenix), entertainer legend Peter Kraus (82, skunk), ex-professional soccer player Pierre Littbarski (61, hammerhead) and “Tagesschau” head spokesman Jens Riewa (58, Chili).


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