Russia’s new hypersonic missile ‘Circon’ test-fires success again


▲ The Russian Navy’s hypersonic cruise missile ‘Tirkon’ is launched from the frigate ‘Admiral Gorshkov’

Russia has announced that it has successfully test-fired a new sea-launched hypersonic cruise missile ‘Cirkon’.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the 4,500-ton frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” belonging to the North Sea Fleet had test-fired a Tirkon missile, and introduced that the launch was carried out as part of the final test.

It was explained that the missile accurately hit a sea target located in the White Sea, and the analysis showed that the missile’s flight met the required standards.

The Chircon test launch from the surface ship on this day follows the test launches in July and October, November and December of last year.

Earlier, on October 4, Tircon was first test-fired from a nuclear submarine belonging to the Black Sea Fleet.

The Circon is said to have the capability to hit land and sea targets by flying over 1,000 km at a speed of up to Mach 9, or 11,16 km per hour.

Russia seems to have conducted more than 10 Circon tests since 2016.

The Circon will be put into service with the Russian Navy’s fleet next year.

(Photo = Provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense, Yonhap News)

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