Reduction of 612.2 billion won in the arms import budget… The largest since the opening of the DAPA


It has been estimated that the cost of improving defense capabilities, which will be spent on introducing new weapons, has been cut by the largest amount ever in the defense budget for next year.

According to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration on the 18th, the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee announced at the plenary meeting held the day before, that the cost of improving defense capabilities in the defense budget for next year was reduced by a total of 612.2 billion won from the 17.3 trillion won originally submitted by the government to 16.7 trillion won. It was decided at 124.3 billion won.

Although the budget for domestic R&D projects, such as localization of parts, increased by KRW 40.7 billion, the total reduction was large as the reduction project cost reached KRW 652.9 billion.

The budget will be finalized at the National Assembly plenary session early next month after being reviewed by the Special Budget and Settlement Committee.

It is unlikely that the budget approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee will be increased again.

The amount of this budget cut is the largest since the DAPA opened the agency in 2006 and began compiling the budget for the improvement of defense capabilities the following year.

Major projects that were reduced include KRW 6.7 billion for basic design of light aircraft carriers, KRW 328.3 billion for early warning aircraft, KRW 15.4 billion for large attack helicopters, and KRW 20 billion for F-35A fighter performance improvement.

(Photo = provided by the Navy, Yonhap News)

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