Princess Charlène: Prince Albert gives health update – which raises question marks


Fürstin Charlene
Prince Albert gives health update – which raises question marks

Princess Charlène and

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First, the palace statement about Princess Charlène’s cancellation on the national holiday in Monaco gave rise to question marks. Now Prince Albert is talking about his wife’s state of health – and creates even more confusion.

What’s the matter with Princess Charlène, 43? Where is she currently staying? How is she really Why are the palace and Prince Albert, 63, so covered in terms of their health? Questions that not only raise the official statement about the cancellation of Monaco’s national holiday on November 19, 2021. A new interview with “Monaco-Matin”, which Albert traditionally conducted before the big party, gives further cause for frown …

Prince Albert provides further puzzles about Princess Charlène’s whereabouts and state of health

On November 8th, Charlène finally returned to Monaco after an endless odyssey from South Africa. Due to a severe ear, nose and throat infection, the ex-swimmer was stuck in her home country for a good eight months.

The joyful comeback pictures were overshadowed shortly afterwards. Just three days before the big national holiday in Monaco, the Prince’s Palace canceled the Princess’ participation in an official press release. The reason: Charlène must continue to recover from the stresses of the past months and the operations. You need rest.

Fürstin Charlene

But one sentence made one suspicious: “Um […] protect privacy, which is essential to their recovery [ist], the whereabouts of the princess will remain strictly confidential. “Is her state of health really the only reason for this? Crisis rumors about Albert and Charlène’s marriage have long been in the room. She is even said not to spend the night in the Prince’s Palace at times. Albert’s latest interview with the daily newspaper indicates this “Monaco-Matin” out.

“She is not in the Prince’s Palace, but we will visit her shortly”

After the prince gave a brief health update and said that she was “doing better”, but that Charlène still needed “rest and relaxation”, he said: “She is not in the principality, but we will be able to visit her shortly. I can tell you for reasons of discretion do not say more about it. “

Why exactly isn’t Charlène currently living with her family in the Prince’s Palace? And where exactly is she staying? For example in your second home, which is supposed to be 300 meters from the palace, or somewhere else entirely? One can only speculate.

Albert’s following sentence also makes you sit up and take notice: “She is tired, not just physically.” This hint suggests that the princess also seems to be psychologically “tired”. Her husband did not want to reveal what exactly was behind this, and only says this much: “The tiredness can only be treated with a rest phase and follow-up care.” Strange sentences that raise more questions than they answer any.

What is certain: Albert will probably only appear on the balcony of the Prince’s Palace with his two children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, both 6, to celebrate Monaco’s national holiday.

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