Pour oil on the 4·3 memorial altar and fire it… “The unforgivable treatment”


A man in his 40s found a foundation commemorating the victims of the Jeju April 3rd, piled up trash, poured oil and set it on fire. The man arrested gave the victim an absurd reason for doing so in order to make a sacrifice.

This is JIBS reporter Hyo-hyeong Lee.

A man parked his car in front of the 4·3 memorial altar and put all kinds of things on the altar.

He wanted to light the incense burner, and then suddenly he poured oil into it.

The surrounding area is lit up in flames that soar like an explosion.

The memorial altar and sculptures at the Jeju April 3 Peace Park were covered with ashes and burnt garbage.

[한은석/최초 발견자 : 출근하면서 보니까 조형물 위에 쓰레기가 좀 놓여져 있더라고요. 멀리서 봤을 때는…. 와봤더니 아래쪽은 다 전소돼 있었고 그 위는 전소되다 남은 쓰레기들이 올려져 있었습니다.]

This is the ancestral altar where the incident took place.

As you can see, the area around the bronze incense burner was blackened, and the wires that light the incense melted and got tangled.

Also, the cover, which was supposed to be golden, was burnt and torn off.

After chasing CCTV, the police urgently arrested a 41-year-old man A as a suspect at around 1:00 pm today (18th).

In the police investigation, Mr. A made an absurd statement that he set fire to the 4·3 Heroic Spirit and bought 16L of gasoline to brighten the surroundings.

[양성주/제주4·3희생자유족회 사무처장 : 국가폭력에 희생된 분들 앞에서 또다시 폭력적인 행위를 보였다는 것은 대단히 안타깝고 저희가 용서를 할 수 없는 처사로 보입니다.]

The police are further investigating the exact motive of the crime against Mr. A, and are reviewing whether the charge of arson can also be applied.

(Video coverage: Kang Hyo-seop JIBS)


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