“Police leave during a knife riot”… Incheon police apologize for “passive response”


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Apology letter from the Commissioner of the Incheon National Police Agency (Photo=Capture from Incheon National Police Agency website, Yonhap News)

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency officially apologized for the passive response to the incident in which a man in his 40s injured a family member with a knife due to noise between floors.

Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Song Min-heon issued an apology today (18th) and said, “I deeply apologize to the victims for the passive and insufficient response to the incident that did not meet the public’s expectations.”

Commissioner Song said, “Through a thorough inspection and investigation, we plan to hold the employees strictly accountable.”

SBS reported on 8 News yesterday that through an interview with the victim’s family, the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station employees who were dispatched avoided their seats when there was a knife riot.

The family said, “After being shot, I screamed and ran up, and I saw a police officer going down the stairs.”

It is said that the police officer escaped the building without attempting to subdue the perpetrator in an urgent situation where several people were injured by swinging a weapon.

In response, the police explained that they went outside to request rescue and assistance, and in the meantime, the common front door was locked and the action was delayed.

After the situation at the time was communicated through the report, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency began to inspect the on-site police officers.

The incident occurred when a 48-year-old man, A, living in a villa in Namdong-gu, Incheon, went downstairs and wielded a weapon around 4:50 pm on the 15th when he was arguing over the noise between floors.

Three family members, including a couple in their 50s and a daughter in their 20s, were taken to the hospital.

His wife, who suffered a neck injury, suffered serious injuries.

'Conflict between floors' warrants examination of a 40-year-old who wielded a knife at a family member (Photo = Yonhap News)

A was arrested yesterday on charges of attempted murder and special injuries.

(Photo = Incheon National Police Agency website capture, Yonhap News)

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