Monday, November 29

[Pick] North Koreans in ‘squid game’ are watching despite death penalty warnings

Foreign media reported that the ‘squid game’ craze that hit the world is spreading throughout North Korea through illegal copies.

Radio Free Asia (RFA), citing a North Korean source, said that ‘squid games are being smuggled and spread in memory storage devices (USB).’

In December of last year, the North Korean authorities enacted the ‘Culture Against Reactionary Ideas Act’ and announced that those who watch, store or distribute capitalist films and dramas are subject to the maximum death penalty.

North Koreans can feel their lives threatened just by watching the ‘squid game’.

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However, a North Korean source on the radio station (RFA) said, “North Koreans are watching the squid game secretly under blankets at night.”

The reason for this popularity was cited as ‘the similar situation of the North Koreans and the characters’.

”The squid game’ seems to see their fate as they risk their lives to smuggling, so they are immersed in the content of the drama.”

He also said that the interest of young people is high because of the setting that one of the three final survivors of ‘Squid Game’ is a North Korean defector.

A resident of Pyongseong-si, South Pyongan Province, said, “Even if the executives are caught watching a South Korean movie because of difficult circumstances, they can be undone if they poke a dollar.”

This is a ‘news pick’.

(Photo = screenshot from Netflix website)

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