Monday, November 29

Park Hae-min, successful surgery… “You can train normally after 8 weeks”

Samsung Lions Park Hae-min has started rehabilitation after undergoing surgery on her thumb, which was delayed by two months.

After 8 weeks, normal training is expected to be possible.

Woo Sang-hyeon, head of Daegu W Hospital, who performed Park Hae-min’s surgery, said today (18th), “Park Hae-min underwent surgery to remove the sesamoid bone and sutures of the left thumb on the 15th. The fracture was severe and the surgery to remove it was successfully completed. The joint membrane around the joint was sutured well,” he explained.

Director Woo added, “If you put on the cast for about 4 weeks and then rehabilitate it for about 4 weeks, you can train without any problems.”

On September 12, Park Hae-min flew his body to catch a batted ball against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon, and the thumb of his left hand was severely broken.

Most of the doctors recommended surgery, but Park Hae-min decided to digest the rehabilitation program without getting on the operating table.

Even without surgery, the ‘expected time to return’ was mid-October.

However, Park Hae-min returned to the first team on September 26 after two weeks, and played in the first team until the playoffs (PO) were over.

Samsung, who finished 144 regular season matches with kt wiz for 1st place, lost 1-0 in the regular season 1st place match, and failed to go straight to KS.

In the best of 3 PO, we lost both the first and second games to the Doosan Bears.

Although he succeeded in advancing to the postseason for the first time in six years since 2015, he could not stand on the KS stage as he did not win even one win in his last three matches.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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