“Only bring water”… What is different in the ‘Corona SAT’


The 2022 college scholastic ability test started at 8:40 am. Reporter Han Seong-hee will tell you what has changed since it is the second entrance exam to be held in the midst of the corona situation.

The SAT for the 2022 academic year started at 8:40 a.m. a little while ago at 1,300 test centers across the country.

A total of 509,000 test takers who have been in high school and sophomore in high school under the Corona situation are taking the exam this time.

As the Ministry of Education asked for restraint, the raucous cheering match of the past year is gone.

The students entered the exam hall with the support of their families in a calm atmosphere.

[차혜정/학부모 : 일찍 일어나서, 다섯 시에 일어나서 아들 좋아하는 샌드위치 싸달라고 해서 과일도 싸고 해서 대중교통 이용해서 늦지 않게 도착 잘했습니다.]

The exam will run until 5:45 PM.

If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher when entering the room or have symptoms such as cough, you will take the test at a separate test center.

All candidates must wear a mask throughout the exam.

The partition, which received many complaints that it interferes with the exam last year, is installed on the desk only during lunch time.

For quarantine purposes, the use of a water purifier is prohibited, so you can only drink the water you brought with you.

The SAT Examination Committee said, “We have maintained the standard of questions asked for the previous year.”

He emphasized that he tried to minimize the possibility of disadvantages among examinees by reflecting the level of test takers for each elective subject in Korean and mathematics, which was determined through the results of the mock evaluation conducted in June and September.


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