Sunday, November 28

One person killed in floods in western Canada… “Disaster in 500 years”

Reuters and Associated Press reported on the 17th that the flood that hit western Canada on the 14th and 15th killed one person.

Three people have also gone missing, so authorities are not ruling out the possibility that the death toll will rise further.

In this area, more than 200 mm of rain fell during this period as a result of the so-called ‘atmospheric river’ phenomenon, which leads to a narrow and long layer of moist air.

Reuters reported that “a month’s worth of rain fell in two days”.

Due to this rain, major roads were closed due to landslides, etc., and the railroad and road to the Port of Vantuber, the largest port in the region, were cut off, and use was restricted.

British Columbia Governor John Hogan declared a state of emergency across the state in a statement today, calling it “a disaster in 500 years” and “an event that has never been experienced or thought of before.”

(Photo=AP, provided by Canadian Press, Yonhap News)

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