november 19 bad news


◆ Seo Yeong-rae passed away: Jeong Pil-yeon’s husband, Su-dong (Executive Director of Meritz Fire & Supervisory Service, former head of the Financial Supervisory Service) Lee Dong-gyeong-ran Gyeongju Gyeong-mi’s father, Yoon Seon-ah Park Bo-min’s father-in-law, Kim Joo-seop Choi Tae-woo Lee Byeong-sun father-in-law = 17th at 6:20 pm at Geoje Sounseam Hospital. 8:00 am on the 19th. (055)636-4800. ◆ Lee Jeong-sun passed away: Son Young-deuk (team leader, Camcoin Redevelopment Center, Korea Asset Management Corporation) Young-tae’s mother = around 5:27 am on the 18th

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