Netflix: The strange appearance (and mistake) of Chucky Lozano in the series Narcos México


Netflix recently premiered the third season of “Narcos Mexico“, where he tells the life of one of the most important Mexican drug traffickers as Amado Carrillo.

However, in a scene the Mexican soccer player appears in a strange way Hirving “Chucky” Lozano as the cover of a newspaper and already with the Napoli shirt.

This situation is a bit out of context, since at the time of the series takes place around 1990 and evidently in those times Lozano was still not born.

The reason for this curious appearance is completely unknown, since it may even be a simple error that no production person noticed.

What do you think? Still, “Chucky” Lozano shines as one of the most prominent Mexicans in Europe.



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