Netflix: Presenter thinks they are talking about her when talking about “You”


A little confusion ended up becoming a big moment on news television a few days ago in the United States after a contributor he wanted to express his opinion about “You” from Netflix and the host of the show will take it very personal on “The Ingraham Angle.”

During one of the links, the presenter Laura Ingraham communicated with the collaborator Raymond Arroyo to make some comments related to the audiences of some content, among which featured “Yellowstone” and “You”, however, the title of the latter generated a confusion that prevented give a good end to the conversation between the two on the Fox News Channel broadcast.

Arroyo wanted to emphasize his dislike for content in which racial and violent themes predominate, for which he pointed out the audience ratings that the productions had had in their premiere days, but when pointing out an episode of “You (You / You) ”in which the baby of the protagonists get measles, Ingraham he thought he was talking to her when naming the title.

The owner seems puzzled when in the intervention of the collaborator she understands that she was the carrier of the disease and start questioning the man about the alleged information that is being spread about her: “You know? I was watching an episode of “You” where measles appears … “, Raymond points out before being interrupted.

“Wait, wait when did I mention measles?” Laura questions, pretending to correct the man, who responds “I don’t know, it came out in” Ti “…” hoping to make it clear that he was referring to the Netlix series and not the presenter. However, the confusion continued to the degree of considering that it was a joke because part of man or even production.

“We never did an episode of measles and vaccinations. Is this a joke? ”Laura insists without being able to distinguish that they were talking about the title of a series and not a pronoun to call it; “There is an episode of a program, Laura” reiterates the collaborator now puzzled by not being able to leave in clear the thread of the conversation.

Although the man reiterated that “There is a program called“ You ”on Netflix!”, The woman was still puzzled even believing that there was a program on the platform named exactly like her and whose existence she was unaware; “Change of subject to Adele. I can’t explain this to you, ”Arroyo said, surrendering to the confusion.


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