Monday, November 29

“Let’s work” bluntly… Investment ‘eaten out’ as buying rushed

I’ve told you several times about the so-called stock-reading scam, which takes investment money and intercepts it with the promise of high returns. Recently, a chat room has appeared that has attracted people to say that they will control the cryptocurrency price. There are many victims.

By Kim Jung-woo, staff reporter.

A was invited to an anonymous group chat room last September.

I thought it was a leading room to select stocks, but the management team publicly advertised that they would get hundreds of percent profit by manipulating the price of a specific cryptocurrency.

I bought 500 million won and waited for it to surge, but the price of virtual currency plummeted and I lost more than 90% of my investment in 20 days.

[A 씨/피해자 : 1천200원 됐다가 그날 700원, 400원, 200원 이렇게 되니까. (리딩방 일당이) 걱정하시지 마라. 몇 월 며칠에 (가격) 올릴 테니까.]

The management made sure to report daily transactions to prevent investors from withdrawing their money.

[B 씨/피해자 : (거래 내역을) 매일매일 캡처해서 보내래요. 사고 나서 캡처해서 보내라. 자기네가 수량을 체크해야 된다고.]

The daily remittance limit of the bank linked to the exchange is 1 million won, and he taught me how to increase it expediently and encouraged me to get a loan.

[가상화폐 리딩방 일당 : 증권사에 매도담보 대출이라고. 이제 신청을 하시면 예수금 계좌를 현금화할 수 있게 해주는데, 비중을 크게 잡고 (투자) 한 번 해보세요.]

The victims went to the office address given by the management, but the company itself was not there.

[(15층에 ○○○ 투자증권이라고 있나요?) ○○○ 투자증권은 저희 건물에 없는데.]

Victims suspect that a group who claimed to be the management team bought a specific virtual currency first, then sold it when the price surged due to the buying force.

More than 1,000 victims were identified by reporters.

It is estimated that losses ranged from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of won.

[박성우/변호사 : 최대한 많은 돈을 유입시키기 위해서 거래 한도를 올리게끔 적극적으로 유도한 점. 사안에 따라 형법이나 특정경제범죄법에서 정한 사기죄로 의율(적용)할 수 있습니다.]

About 10 victims requested the police to investigate the chat room management team.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun, Yoo Dong-hyuk, Jo Chun-dong, video editing: Park Ki-duk, VJ: Park Hyeon-woo)

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