Learn about the health benefits of jumping rope


06:00 am

Thursday 18 November 2021

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German fitness trainer Jan Bahmann said that jumping rope has many health benefits; It develops the skills of neuromuscular balance, flexibility, agility, speed and endurance.

Bahman added that when jumping rope, the pulse rises to 180, which is comparable to fast running, knowing that practicing jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to practicing fast running for 30 minutes, which helps burn calories, and then lose weight.

To get more benefit, Bahman recommended a combination of jumping rope, squats and abdominal exercises as follows: 100 jump ropes can be performed, then 50 squats. This is followed by 100 jump ropes and 50 crunches.

In addition, jumping rope has a positive effect on the psyche; As it helps to feel fun, joy and happiness.


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