Kim Dong-wan, Lee Soo’s defense remarks → Controversy over first-come-first-served apology


Shinhwa’s Kim Dong-wan is controversial because it is known that he will arrange a first-come-first-served basis to apologize for disappointing fans by making remarks in support of Isu, who has a history of prostitution.

On the 1st, Kim Dong-wan wrote, “When will I be able to hear Lee Soo’s voice in the audience?” along with a video of Lee Soo’s TV appearance on his SNS on the 1st, but the next day he canceled his remarks saying, “I was drinking too much.”

As the controversy did not subside, Kim Dong-wan announced that he would face-to-face with his fans on the 21st and apologize directly. However, as it was announced that it was Kim Dong-wan’s birthday on that day and that this event was for the first 99 people, there was a debate among fans about the sincerity of Kim Dong-wan’s apology.

While there are responses that they understand that the number of people limit is a measure to comply with quarantine rules in accordance with social distancing, some critics are coming out that Kim Dong-wan’s first-come-first-served apology is an act of violating the minimum courtesy to fans who have supported him for 23 years.

Kim Dong-wan, who even apologized for his inappropriate remarks, was embroiled in controversy and has not yet revealed his position.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)

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