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Jürgen Drews disappeared before a hit – crazy search with a drone

When performing with Florian Silbereisen
Jürgen Drews is missing and searched with a drone

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Pop star Jürgen Drews has already seen a lot at the age of 76. A situation that should also have caused a headache for fellow Schlager Florian Silbereisen caused a lot of excitement …

What Jürgen Drews, 76, has already experienced in the course of his career offers plenty of topics to talk about for his program “The King’s New Podcast”. In a new episode, the singer now reveals that he was lost at a concert – and that a crazy search was carried out to look for him.

Jürgen Drews got lost at a concert in Hamburg

In 2018 the “King of Mallorca” was a guest at the Barclays Arena with Florian Silbereisen, 40. He was dropped off at the main entrance to be escorted into the hall by security. But that wasn’t fast enough for the singer. Instead, Jürgen Drews went looking for the artist’s entrance himself. But the plan didn’t work: The “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” interpreter got lost in the hall complex and wandered around at random. “I run and run and run and find nothing. […] So I thought, ‘Drews, you’re a complete idiot.’ What am I doing now? “, He describes the experience. The show should have taken place long ago by this time.

The “King of Mallorca” is searched for with a drone

Because Jürgen Drews did not show up for his own concert, security began to look for him. Even a drone was probably used to track down the singer with a thermal imaging camera. He doesn’t remember exactly what he was looking for. “With such a small plane, maybe it was a drone, I don’t remember.”

Meanwhile, the hit darling stood by the street, waiting for a car that would bring him to the hall entrance. But then the next hurdle: At the entrance you just didn’t want to recognize Jürgen Drews. In order to convince the staff of his identity, he unceremoniously voted “A bed in the cornfield”. The song had an effect and Jürgen Drews was able to complete his performance on stage with a little delay in the end.

Source used: “The King’s New Podcast”


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