Judith Williams: Rarely Private! Touching words to daughter Sophia


Judith Williams
Sweet birthday greetings for daughter Sophia

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“Nothing is more important to me,” says Judith Williams on Instagram about her eldest daughter. Sophia is celebrating her 15th birthday. On this occasion, the presenter shares emotional words and opens her private photo album.

Judith Williams, 50, surprises her daughter Sophia on Instagram with loving words and very special children’s pictures for her 15th birthday.

Judith Williams posts a declaration of love for her daughter’s 15th birthday

“Fifteen years ago today you changed our life, and my life in particular, in the most beautiful imaginable way,” writes the entrepreneur. In the first photo, Williams hugs her then still little Sophia from behind and just beams into the camera.

In other photos, the 15-year-old can be seen with her father and William’s husband Alexander-Klaus Stecher, 53, her grandmother and her sister Angelina, 12.

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“Every day I learn from and through you”

Williams continues: “Even if I can still be your mom taxi, you are so much taller and have become an almost completely independent young lady.” The 50-year-old learns something from her daughter herself every day.

Nothing is more important to her and she is happy to be able to accompany Sophia on her life path. “Live your dreams, continue to be the free, loving and strong soul that you are. We call out to you at every step: ‘Go girl go.’ Your ever-loving mom and the rest of the gang, “says Williams.

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