Sunday, November 28

Jil Sander: She speaks about the Germans’ sense of style

Jil Sander on the style of the Germans
“Competition for the worst-fitting jeans”

Jil Sander

© Franziska Krug / Gala

Jil Sander speaks in GALA about the clothing style of the Germans.

Jil Sander, 77, is one of the greatest designers in the world, she has been celebrated for decades for her simple, elegant fashion. This week, the woman from Hamburg speaks in GALA about the Germans’ sense of style.

Jil Sander: “Competition for the worst-fitting jeans”

“Due to its decentralization and historical small statehood, Germany has always been a more egalitarian country. One does not orient oneself upwards, towards models, but wants to correspond to the majority. The accepted clothing style sways quickly downwards. It almost seems to be a competition for them the worst-fitting jeans, “says the 77-year-old.


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