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Is his “Star Wars” trilogy history?

Rian Johnson
Is his “Star Wars” trilogy history?

Director Rian Johnson doesn’t run out of work that quickly even without his own “Star Wars” trilogy.

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Is it coming or not, the “Star Wars” trilogy by Rian Johnson? The latest reports seem to give a straight answer.

The future of “Star Wars” is as bright as it is uncertain. Rosy, because in the coming weeks, months and years a large number of series will tour the far, far distant galaxy via Disney +. Including “The Book of Boba Fett” from December 29, 2021, next year the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series with Ewan McGregor (50) and at the appropriate time also season three of “The Mandalorian”.

It is uncertain because the “Star Wars” universe seems to be facing a dangerous adversary, at least on the cinema screen. And it doesn’t go by the name of Empire or First Order, but rather means “creative differences”. Has the planned trilogy of “The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson (47) finally fallen victim to them?

He turns it, he doesn’t turn it …

In 2017 the producers showed great confidence in Johnson’s foray into the successful “Star Wars” franchise. Even before “The Last Jedi” came to the cinema, the news got around, they want to entrust the filmmaker with his own trilogy with completely new characters. But Jedi spirits are still divided on his subversive film – and this is apparently increasingly also in the management floor.

After it had become worryingly quiet over the past few years about his trilogy, Johnson had asserted earlier this yearthat they might very well still be in the planning stage. According to former “The Hollywood Reporter” journalist Matthew Belloni, this has now changed.

Not an isolated case?

In an opinion piece entitled “It’s Time to Kathy Kennedy [Produzentin, Anm. d. Red.] To take away the ‘Star Wars’ films, “he claims to know that Johnson’s trilogy is now history. He claims to have learned from insiders that once again the” dreaded creative differences “were to blame.

So it was already with the “Game of Thrones” makers David Benioff (51) and DB Weiss (50), who have resigned from a “Star Wars” trilogy they planned. And this is currently also the experience of “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins (50), whose “Star Wars” film “Rogue Squadron” should actually be shot from next year. According to “The Hollywood Reporter” other obligations of the director result in the film being delayed. According to Belloni, however, this was just a pretended reason and the film was postponed indefinitely.

“Star Wars” no longer priority one?

Neither Jenkins nor Johnson are dependent on the “Star Wars” job. The filmmaker recently confirmedthat there will be a third part of her “Wonder Woman” series with Gal Gadot (36) in the title role. And Johnson had a huge success with the “Whodunit” crime thriller “Knives Out”.

So huge that streaming provider Netflix immediately secured the rights for a second and third part and played the leading role Daniel Craig (53) just made it the highest paid actor in the world – 007 aD is said to have pocketed 100 million US dollars for it. Johnson will not shoot the two films for a starvation wage either, but one thing could be more important to him: creative freedom instead of differences.


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