Iraq seeks to repatriate 325 refugees from Belarus-Poland border


▲ Immigrants at the Belarus-Polish border

The Iraqi government plans to repatriate 325 of its citizens stranded on the Belarus-Polish border, Interfax news agency reported, citing Iraq’s foreign ministry.

A spokesman for the Iraqi foreign ministry said the return of the refugees would be coordinated with Belarusian authorities, and that flights from Minsk, Belarus, would fly to Baghdad, Iraq.

A video was uploaded on social media showing refugees staying near the border checkpoint leaving the border area under the guidance of Belarusian security personnel.

The Belarusian presidential press office explained that there are currently about 7,000 refugees in Belarus, of which about 2,000 remain on the Polish border.

About 400 of the refugees in the border area are staying in refugee accommodation centers set up by Belarusian authorities, and the rest are said to be living in tents installed directly in forests and roads.

Meanwhile, the Polish Ministry of Defense said in the early morning of the 18th local time that about 100 refugees had been arrested while trying to cross the border between Belarus and Poland.

Attempts by refugees to cross the border were made hundreds of meters across the border, the defense ministry accused Belarusian security officers of facilitating illegal border crossings.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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