How do you deal with white hair?


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Friday 19 November 2021

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Gray hair represents a disturbing nightmare for women. As it robs her of her youth, which negatively affects her appearance and her self-confidence. Women can deal with gray hair in different ways such as slowing down and hiding or accepting the status quo with good hair care.
The German hairdresser Jens Dagenh explained that graying occurs due to the decline in the body’s production of the pigment melanin with age, which usually occurs from the age of 40 years.
slow down
Dagneh added that women can slow down the graying process by using what is known as anti-gray lotion as soon as the first white hairs appear; The lotion slows down the hair loss process and activates new pigment at the hair roots. Noticeable results can be achieved after approximately three months. The anti-gray shampoo promises similar results.
For his part, German hairdresser Antonio Weinichke indicated that women can hide white hair by dyeing the hair, recommending choosing lighter tones as they age; Because darker hair tones highlight wrinkles, women appear older than their actual age.
good care
Vainichke added that among the options available to women is to accept the status quo and leave white hair as it is with good care, noting that white hair tends to yellow over time due to sunlight and other environmental influences, which can be confronted through the use of shampoo containing on silver; Where silver pigments remove yellowing.
Another problem with white hair is that it becomes disheveled and difficult to style. So it should be moisturized by balm and cream baths.
Dagneh pointed out that women can distract attention from white hair through some simple tricks, such as applying more attractive makeup, wearing brightly colored clothes that come alive, or wearing attractive glasses that catch the eye.

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