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Heir to the throne on the health of the Queen

Prinz Charles
Heir to the throne on the health of the Queen

Prince Charles is 73 years old himself

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Prince Charles spoke in an interview about the health problems of his mother, the Queen – and the process of aging.

Prince Charles (73) has with “Sky News” talked about the state of health of Queen Elizabeth II (95). Since October, the queen has had to take it easy on medical advice and has already canceled several appointments.

Her son, Prince Charles, is now asked at every interview how the Queen is doing. This time he gave the all-clear and explained that she was doing well, but also gave the following to consider: “Once you’re 95, it’s not as easy as it used to be.” He also alluded to his own age: “At 73, it’s bad enough.”

The Queen has been slowing down since October. The monarch had previously canceled a trip to Northern Ireland and spent one night in the hospital. The palace had justified the stay in the clinic with “preliminary examinations”. Elizabeth II later canceled a planned participation in the COP26 climate summit in Scotland.

First appointment in weeks

Last Remembrance Sunday, the Queen was supposed to have a public appointment again on site in London for the first time since the rest breaks prescribed for her. However, the Queen had to cancel her participation in a memorial service at short notice. Yesterday, Wednesday, she had another public appointment: She received Sir Nick Carter (62) in person for an audience at Windsor Castle.


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