For the time being no longer a studio audience


“ZDF Magazin Royale”
For the time being no longer a studio audience

Jan Böhmermann and his team are reacting to the latest developments in the corona pandemic.

© ZDF / Jens Koch

In 2021 Jan Böhmermann will no longer present the “ZDF Magazin Royale” in front of a studio audience due to the “current corona situation”.

At “ZDF Magazin Royale” with presenter Jan Böhmermann (40) the decision was made to forego an audience in the studio until the end of the year. The fans will be informed via Instagram: “Due to the current corona situation and the increasing incidence, we decided to record the remaining episodes of ‘ZDF Magazin Royale’ in 2021 without a studio audience.”

Accordingly, one hopes to be able to record the show “again with YOU in the audience” from 2022 onwards. A clip was posted to accompany the announcement, showing viewers of previous editions – “Böhmi” also flashes briefly in the video. In the comments section, the supporters agree that this is a “good and exemplary decision”.

Worrying numbers

According to the latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute (as of November 18) the 7-day incidence in Germany is just under 337 – higher than ever during the pandemic. In addition, over 65,000 new infections were registered in a single day – also a sad peak to date.


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