Even with the highest number of confirmed cases in history, the risk in the metropolitan area is ‘medium’… “There’s a big gap”


Following the highest number of corona confirmed yesterday (17th), the number of patients to be announced tomorrow is expected to exceed 3,000. However, the government came up with a new corona risk management standard and evaluated that the current risk is at a ‘low’ level nationwide and the metropolitan area is at an intermediate stage. It is pointed out that it is far from what you feel in the front-line treatment field.

Reporter Jang Se-man will tell you about this.

In the metropolitan area, where nearly 80% of all patients were concentrated, the screening queues were lengthened at each screening clinic.

[코로나19 검사자 : 요즘에 코로나 확진자가 많다 보니까 좀 걱정되는 마음이 있어서 왔고요. 30분 정도 대기하고 검사받았습니다.]

Yesterday, the total number of confirmed cases was 3,292, which is the highest ever recorded for two days in a row.

In particular, the number of empty beds is rapidly decreasing as the number of patients with severe gastritis increases.

The nationwide intensive care unit utilization rate rose to 63.8%, especially in the metropolitan area at 78.1% and Seoul at 80.9%, the highest.

In some hospitals in the metropolitan area, some of the remaining beds are also not easy to operate immediately due to a lack of medical staff and medical equipment, and insisted that the actual bed utilization rate should be viewed higher.

Despite this, the quarantine authorities presented the ‘Corona 19 risk’ as a new management indicator yesterday, valuing the metropolitan area as ‘intermediate’ and non-metropolitan areas as ‘very low’.

[정기석/한림대 성심병원 교수 : 지난주 지표를 보면서 수도권이 ‘중간’ 단계라고 얘기했기 때문에 지금 수도권에 있는 사람들이 느끼는 것과 괴리가 상당히 크죠. 문제의 본질을 제대로 정확하게 꿰뚫는 그런 지표라고 인정하긴 어렵다는 거죠.]

Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting with the heads of the upper-level general hospitals in the metropolitan area tomorrow morning and repeatedly request for rapid expansion of beds.

Then, Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Deok-cheol announces plans to secure beds and improve the efficiency of the medical system based on the contents of the consultation.

(Video editing: Park Jin-Hoon, VJ: Shin So-Young)

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