Duchess Meghan: sweet revelation! She reveals Lilibet’s Halloween costume


Herzogin Meghan
She reveals Lilibet’s very first Halloween costume

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Duchess Meghan was a guest on “The Ellen Show”. The current appearance has already been shot, but will only be broadcast in the USA today. But talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is already sharing some clips from the meeting.

Duchess Meghan, 40, surprised Ellen DeGeneres, 63, with many private insights from her life with Prince Harry, 37. The entire interview between the Royal and the talk show legend has not even been broadcast, but the first recordings have already been made, make Meghan’s surprise visit a little sensation. Particularly sweet: The 40-year-old talks a lot about her two children Archie, 2, and Lilibet Diana, 5 months.

Duchess Meghan reveals: Archie is not a friend of Halloween

On the official Instagram page of “The Ellen Show”, the latest clip shows how the two women talk about Halloween. It quickly becomes clear why Duchess Meghan agreed to appear on the talk show: You and Ellen are not only neighbors in Montecito, but apparently also good friends. So good that they celebrated Halloween together. “We were at home and saw you, which was great. We wanted to do something funny for the children and then the children weren’t at all enthusiastic,” explains Duchess Meghan with a laugh.

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Meghan and Harry have chosen a dinosaur costume for little Archie – but the two-year-old is said to have reacted anything but euphoric. “Archie was a dinosaur for maybe five minutes,” said the Duchess. Ellen adds, “Not even for five minutes. Harry persuaded him to put his head on.”

Daughter Lilibet was disguised as a skunk from Bambi

The five-month-old Lilibet also got a disguise for the Halloween party from the royals. “Lili was a skunk. It was so cute,” the presenter recalls of the private party. “Yes, I know. Like ‘Flower’ from Bambi”, Meghan addresses the audience with a dreamy look.

The two did not share pictures from the party during the show. Instead, however, another, previously unseen shot of Archie feeding his chickens in the garden and apparently looking for eggs with a basket. It couldn’t be cuter!

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