“Don’t be afraid, I can do it!”… Infinite’s Kim Seong-gyu, ‘DM support’ to the students’ fans one by one


Group Infinite member Kim Seong-gyu encouraged fans by replying to messages one by one before the entrance exam.

Today (18th), while the University Scholastic Ability Test for the academic year of 2022 was in progress, authentication articles such as “I got a DM from Sungkyu” were uploaded on SNS and online communities. Yesterday, when fans of Kim Seong-gyu’s test takers sent an SNS message to Kim Seong-gyu a day before the entrance exam, Sung-gyu sent a reply message directly.

One fan captured Seong-gyu Kim’s SAT support video and sent it as a message and sent a message to Kim Seong-gyu, “Oppa, I’m going to do well tomorrow for the SAT? Fighting! Check your condition well,” and cheered the fans.

Kim Seong-gyu also said, “I’m not even watching the CSAT, but I’ve been waiting for your brother’s SAT support video. Are you going to upload the SAT support video next year? . Make sure you get a perfect score,” and encouraged the fans of prospective students in advance.

Then, Kim Seong-gyu called the name of the fan who was nervous about the 10 hours left for the SAT and encouraged them by saying, “I can do it, don’t be afraid. I think I’m the best! Check your condition well! Let’s go!”

Seeing Kim Seong-gyu meticulously encouraging fans who must have been nervous before the entrance exam, netizens commented, “I hope all the test takers’ fans do well with Sung-gyu’s support”, “It makes me regret that I didn’t send a DM”, “He’s such a sweet singer. It’s really nice to see”, etc. There was a warm reaction.

(Photo=YouTube ‘DoubleH TNE’, Twitter capture, Kim Seong-gyu’s Instagram)

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(SBS Entertainment News editor Jina-yoon)


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