Sunday, November 28

“Distribution of 2.4 million uncertified dumplings”… The investigative prosecutor is a law firm

Din Tai Fung, the CEO of a famous Chinese restaurant, has been put on trial for illegally distributing 2.4 million uncertified frozen dumplings. Din Tai Fung’s side completely denies the allegations, but the fact that the prosecutor in charge moved to a large law firm where he was defending the company during the investigation is another topic of controversy.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Ahn Hee-jae.

It was later revealed that Din Tai Fung CEO Kim Mo, known for his dim sum restaurant, was handed over to trial on charges of violating the Food Sanitation Act in August.

According to the current law, to make and sell frozen dumplings, it is necessary to obtain food safety management certification, the so-called HACCP certification. will.

Previously, dumplings were frozen and supplied to each store in a manufacturing plant that met the strict HACCP certification standards, but the prosecution judges that the dumplings were made and frozen at the Myeong-dong headquarters without certification and supplied to other stores.

The prosecution saw it as an expedient to reduce the cost of maintaining HACCP, and in particular, caught a situation where a superior was involved in this decision, and indicted two employees and CEO Kim without detention.

Din Tai Fung denied the allegations, saying that the executives at the time proceeded with the work without a report, and that the management, who found a mistake in the internal audit, immediately received HACCP recertification.

In addition, he said that there was no unfair advantage and that the standards for regulations on frozen dumplings were ambiguous, and that he would fight the law.

As the trial of the first trial began recently, it was also revealed that in June, when the investigation was in full swing, Deputy Chief Prosecutor A moved to the law firm’s lawyer in charge of defending Din Tai Fung.

In a phone call with SBS, Mr. A said, “After moving to a law firm, I was not involved in the Din Tai Fung case at all.”

The law firm resigned from the court last month.

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