Monday, November 29

Democratic Party “People’s Power, Participate in Development Profit Repatriation Act”

The Democratic Party of Korea has urged the people to immediately participate in the review of the development profit repatriation law.

Democratic Party floor leader Yun Ho-jung and Democratic Party lawmakers belonging to the National Land Committee held an emergency press conference at the National Assembly on the morning of the 18th, criticizing “the people’s power is struggling to block the 3rd Law of Repurchase of Development Profits.”

Then, he said, “Are you dreaming of becoming the second Kwak Sang-do, the second Park Young-soo, and the second Hwacheon Dae-yu?”

“It’s been two weeks since the National Land and Infrastructure Committee dealt with next year’s budget, and we are unable to deliberate on the budget or bills,” said Minority Representative Yoon. ‘ he criticized.

It is argued that the power of the people, who is currently serving as the chairman of the National Land Commission, is preventing even the submission of the law related to the return of development profits to the committee.

Yoon, the floor leader, said, “I was forced to criticize President Lee Jae-myung as to why he didn’t recover 100% of the profits from the development of Daejang-dong, but he was ignorant of the 3rd law on the return of development profits. It’s so absurd.” Please join us.”

Rep. Jo Eung-cheon, secretary of the National Land Commission, said, “Where did the people’s power to cry out for the return of development profits throughout the National Inspection Service? Did you use the Daejang-dong project to scare the ruling party candidates and turn the National Land Commission into a political arena?” “People’s Power Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol I also request that you clarify your exact position on the recovery of development profits.”

The Democratic Party is pushing for regular parliamentary processing of three bills: the Development Profit Recovery Act, the Urban Development Act, and the Housing Act to prevent the ‘second Daejang-dong incident’.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)

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