Monday, November 29

Corona beds unassigned, 1,027 people in the metropolitan area alone… “Emergency”

It has been confirmed that more than 1,000 people have not been assigned a hospital bed after being diagnosed with the corona virus in the metropolitan area alone. An advisory member of the quarantine authorities described it as an ’emergency situation for bed allocation.

This is Cho Dong-chan, a medical reporter.

A government advisory member said that as of 00:00 on the 18th, there were 1,027 confirmed cases in the metropolitan area alone who were not assigned a bed.

The number of 423 people who were announced as waiting for hospitalization by the quarantine authorities were those who were not assigned a bed for more than a full day.

There are 1,027 people waiting to be assigned an actual bed, which means much more, which is expected to exceed 1,000 a day for the time being, Lee predicted.

It was confirmed that an official from the quarantine authorities told the local government that it was an ’emergency situation for allocating hospital beds’.

The main reason is the delay in classifying confirmed cases into mild, moderate, and severe cases.

Because general public health doctors, not specialists, take on the task of classifying patients, taking turns every two weeks, their professionalism is declining.

In recent years, as the number of patients with severe cases of gastritis increases rapidly, the classification task takes more time.

[임소연/김포 거점병원 전문의 : 폐 외에 그런 장기 기능을 대체해줄 수 있는 저런 신대체요법 같은 것을 적용하는 환자분들의 군도 훨씬 많이 늘었습니다.]

The problem is that critically ill patients are at risk if bed assignment is delayed.

This is due to delays in setting up and treating ventilators or 24-hour dialysis machines.

The quarantine authorities are considering asking the Ministry of National Defense for the support of medical specialists.

Even if a bed is assigned, hospitalization may be delayed because there are no transport vehicles such as 119 ambulances.

[지역거점병원 간호사 : 구급차가 배정이 잘 안 돼서 저희가 오늘 받아도 (병실이 나도) 밤에 입실하시거나 새벽에 입실하십니다.]

We need to make the most efficient use of existing beds as much as expansion of beds.

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