Choi Min-jung returns to qualifying for the first day of the 3rd Short Track World Cup


Min-jung “Ace” Choi of the Korean short track team, who returned from injury, announced a pleasant start to the 3rd International Skating Federation ISU World Cup.

Choi Min-jung easily passed the women’s 1,500m and 500m qualifiers in the 3rd ISU World Cup 2021-2022 held in Debrecen, Hungary.

After passing first in the women’s 1,500m preliminaries, Choi Minjung advanced to the semifinals by taking first place in Group 6 (2:21.421) in the quarterfinals.

Choi Min-jung, who was unable to participate in the second tournament due to injuries to her knee and ankle in two crashes in the first round of the World Cup last month, showed a light movement that day, after receiving treatment in Korea and joining the national team.

All of the Korean women’s teams were strong in the 1,500m.

Ji-yu Kim and Lee Yu-bin also advanced to the semi-finals by finishing first in both the preliminary and quarter-finals.

In the women’s 500m, Choi Min-jung and Kim Ji-yu passed the first and second preliminary rounds and stepped on to the quarterfinals.

Choi Min-jeong placed 2nd in the group in two qualifying rounds, and Kim Ji-yu was carried on a stretcher without finishing the match after tripping by an Italian player running in front of him in the second qualifying round, but received an advance.

In the second qualifying round, Lee Yu-bin finished fourth in group 4 (43 seconds 692).

In the men’s 1,500m, Park Jang-hyuk and Kwak Yoon-gi advanced to the semifinals.

In Group 1 of the quarterfinals, Park Jang-hyuk and Lee Jun-seo played together, but Lee Jun-seo slipped with 6 laps left and the match was stopped.

After Lee Jun-seo was carried on a stretcher, a rematch was held, and Park Jang-hyuk finished first in the group (2:23.626).

Yoongi Kwak took first place in group 3 (2:30.758).

In the men’s 500m, Kwak Yoon-ki and Hwang Dae-heon passed the first and second preliminary rounds, and Park Jang-hyuk was eliminated in the second round with 3rd place (41 seconds, 208).

Meanwhile, in the mixed 2,000m relay with Choi Min-jung, Kim Dong-wook, Kwak Yoon-gi, and Seo Hwi-min, Korea secured the semifinals with 3rd place (2:40.853).

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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