Biden: Pfizer buys 10 million doses of coronavirus treatment…Free distribution


US President Joe Biden said he has purchased 10 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 treatment.

President Biden said in a statement that when he learned that Pfizer had developed a treatment, he took immediate action to ensure that there were sufficient quantities.

President Biden said the administration will receive supplies from the end of the year through next year, and that the administration is preparing to make free and easy access to the treatment for the American people.

In addition, he highly evaluated that this treatment will be another key means of escaping the corona crisis.

However, he called for vaccination, saying “vaccines are still the most powerful means”.

Pfizer also reported that the U.S. government had agreed to buy 10 million of its treatment for $5.29 billion, or 6.2 trillion won in Korean money, Reuters reported.

This is twice the amount that the US government has agreed to purchase from the US pharmaceutical company Merck & Company, and the Pfizer treatment costs $530 per person, or 620,000 Korean won, which is cheaper than Merck’s treatment, which is about $700. .

Pfizer has applied to the FDA for emergency use of the treatment.

This treatment is an oral antiviral in the form of a pill, and as a result of its own clinical trials, it was found to reduce the probability of hospitalization and death by 89%.

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