Apparel company that supports anti-government protests in Hong Kong closes due to unprecedented harassment


▲ Cheeky Duck, a clothing company that supports anti-government protests in Hong Kong

A clothing company that supported Hong Kong’s anti-government protests in 2019 has announced it will withdraw its stores from Hong Kong after accusing it of “unprecedented harassment”, Hong Kong media reported.

Herbert Chow, CEO of Chiki Duck, a children’s clothing chain, said in a statement, “Chicky Duck has been subjected to unprecedented harassment by unknown and malicious forces over the past 18 months.”

CEO Chow said, “Our employees and affiliated media are at risk as we fight against an unknown and malicious force. Rather than wasting time, energy and resources to fight them, we decided to withdraw.”

Chow explained that investigations into factories and suppliers in China continued, the store had difficulty renewing leases, hundreds of phone threats every month, and various government ministries conducted various nominal field investigations into the store.

Established in 1990, Cheeky Duck is one of the ‘yellow shops’ that refer to the democratic camps that supported the anti-government protests in Hong Kong in 2019.

In this process, the number of stores decreased from 14 last year to three, and in May, the National Security Agency police, a department in charge of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, installed a control line in front of the Chun Wan branch in Chiki Duck and sold or displayed items that violate the National Security Law. I warned you not to do it.

Chow said he had no plans to leave Hong Kong, although the National Security Agency said he was expected to be arrested.

“I believe the current absurdity will not last long,” he added.

(Photo=AFP, Yonhap News)

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