Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission “Police should not waste time unnecessarily dealing with internal affairs”


The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission decided that unnecessary time wasted in the process of conducting an internal investigation before the official investigation by the police as improper handling of business.

Person A, who has been running a pharmacy, filed a complaint with the ACRC, claiming that the police closed the pharmacy due to poor reputation as the police received reports of violations of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and conducted an internal investigation for a long time.

As a result of the ACRC check, in September 2019, Mr. A was reported to have violated the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act by displaying the name and price of a specific drug on the door of the pharmacy.

While conducting the internal investigation, the police inquired to the Ministry of Health and Welfare in November of the same year whether or not the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act was violated.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s reply arrived in February of the following year, but the police officer in charge postponed the resumption of the investigation because he was assigned to a team dedicated to major cases.

In the end, the internal investigation alone took more than 8 months, and the case was converted to a formal investigation within a few days after the internal investigation was resumed.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission Police Ombudsman pointed out, “It is the police’s rule that internal investigations should be carried out quickly and should not be left unattended for a long time.”

The police station accepted the ACRC’s recommendation and provided training to the police officer in charge and prevention of recurrence.

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