65,000 daily confirmed cases in Germany… Strengthening quarantine measures against strong spread


As the spread of COVID-19 continues in Europe, countries are tightening restrictions.

The number of new confirmed cases in Germany was 65,371 a day yesterday, the first time since the outbreak of Corona 19 that the number of daily confirmed cases exceeded 60,000.

“We are heading towards a serious emergency,” said Rota Wiler, director of the German Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Germany’s Robert Koch Institute.

German Chancellor Merkel also described the situation as dramatic the day before, worrying that a fourth wave was hitting Germany.

Chancellor Merkel and the governors of the 16 states are discussing countermeasures today.

The Belgian government has also decided to make it mandatory for most private and public sectors to work from home four days a week for three weeks from the 20th.

Also, in public indoor places, you must wear a mask, except in some cases, such as when eating or exercising.

Belgian Prime Minister Dirkro said that the target of booster vaccination, which is currently limited to the elderly, will soon be expanded to all residents.

The Netherlands also recorded more than 20,000 new cases per day, the highest level since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Dutch authorities, which have recently entered a partial lockdown due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, have warned that testing for COVID-19 is reaching the maximum it can handle.

Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden, which have virtually lifted most of the quarantine measures since September, are also reintroducing quarantine measures such as submission of COVID-19 certificates or restricting access to unvaccinated people as the number of confirmed cases is rapidly increasing.

Recently, the number of daily confirmed cases soared to between 7,000 and 8,000, and Christ, who is facing the 4th epidemic, announced that it will ban indoor public places for unvaccinated people from next week.

Austria has decided to discuss additional quarantine measures as the number of new infections recorded the highest every day despite the restrictions on going out for those who are not vaccinated.

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