“100% fault”… A rental car company that swindles international students


There was a minor contact accident while riding a rental car, and there was a report that the company demanded an unreasonably large amount of money. He blamed foreign students who could not speak Korean, and threatened those who did not see it.

Correspondent Kim Sang-min reported.

Taiwanese student A, who is pursuing a doctoral program at a domestic university, recently rented a car.

It costs less than a car and can only be used when needed.

However, at the end of last month, there was an accident in front of Seoul Station.

They collided with each other while changing lanes at the same time as a private taxi, but fortunately, the accident level was minor.

Immediately after the accident, he admitted 60% of his negligence and agreed verbally with the other party, but the next day, the manager of the car rental company pressured that it was 100% of Mr. A’s fault.

[렌터카 업체 팀장 : 100% 선생님이 가해 사고 맞죠? 그냥 추돌하신 거, 택시 후미를. 그렇죠?]

He then claimed the full repair cost of 1.1 million won.

Although it was a simple contact accident, they demanded a ‘stop fee’ of 450,000 won, claiming that it took a week to repair the vehicle, and received up to 1.5 million won in deductible for premium premiums due to the accident. I see it do.

In this way, all of Mr. A was ripped off 3 million won.

[A 씨/타이완 유학생 : 빨리 그냥 해결하고 싶어서. 그리고 다른 말도 할 수 없으니까 ‘네, 네’ 했어요.]

A lawyer who heard the circumstances of Mr. A came forward.

Since we agreed on a fault ratio of 6:4, we have to return 40% of the repair cost, and they make an absurd argument again.

[렌터카 업체 팀장 (A 씨 측 법무사와 통화) : (A 씨가) 100% 과실이고요. 처음에는 (개인택시공제조합과) 6대 4로 이야기하다가요. 이게 실선 지시 위반이 나왔더라고요, 그렇죠? 우리 법을 다루는 사람끼리….]

An acquaintance I didn’t see came to replace him, who was not good at Korean, but it was a threat to come back.

[렌터카 회사 팀장 (유학생 A 씨 지인 통화) : 우리나라 국적을 갖고 있지 않으면 소송 거세요. (잠시만요. 휴차에 대해서 일단 먼저 이야기를 하자고요.) 아니 잠깐만요, 소송 거시라고요, 그러시면. 업무방해교사, 재물손괴, 저희의 정당한 행위에 대해서 돈을 못 받게 하시는 거기 때문에 공갈, 즉시 고소 진행하겠습니다.]

When the reporters visited the office, the company called the police, saying it was disruptive to business.

[렌터카 업체 팀장 : 공장에서 수리 기간이 한 달이라 그러면 업체는 한 달밖에 청구할 수 없습니다. 자, 따라 해보세요. ‘한 달’.]

The company has been belatedly admitting the mistake and has delivered the position that if there is any unreasonable profit, it will be returned.


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