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A ‘secret’ is hidden in the body of a woman who goes through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. However, when you become pregnant and visit an obstetrics and gynecologist, it is difficult to ask questions about changes in a woman’s body and mind. As long as the baby in the womb is healthy, are all the problems women face okay? On the 18th, the YouTube channel invited Nao-soon, director of Gimpo Nari Women’s Hospital, an obstetrician-gynecologist with 32 years of experience. He introduced himself with the delightful words, “I am just a Korean woman who has reached the age of 60, who goes to work every morning with a pill and a piece of pars.” In this interview, I asked what women wanted to ask in the clinic instead. In addition, he and colleagues were asked about the reason and reason for introducing the ’emotional delivery’ system. Is childbirth possible for women in the field of obstetrics and gynecology?

Nasoon Nao-soon, director of Gimpo Nari Hospital, an obstetrician and gynecologist, invited by the YouTube channel <Night of Retirement>.  screen capture.

Nao-soon, director of Gimpo Nari Hospital, an obstetrician-gynecologist, invited by the YouTube channel . screen capture.

“I didn’t want to even think about having my first child and having a second one. The delivery process felt like I was on a conveyor belt. My existence ceased to exist, and I was sick to death, but I was told to lie flat on my back. (omitted) I had my second child by half mistake and half planned, but I (who is a gynecologist) was also very afraid of giving birth.” Although 20 years have passed, the fear and memories of childbirth are vivid even for him. I wanted to improve the birth process. What I devised with a colleague is ’emotional delivery’. The purpose of emotional delivery is to give the baby and mother time to imprint each other. “As soon as a baby is born, he cries under bright light. (omitted) It is said that the stress that the baby receives while the mother is in labor is 13 times more than the stress that the mother receives. Immediately after birth, catecholamines, a sympathetic neurotransmitter, are released the most. The five senses are most developed, and that’s when the baby recognizes the person closest to him. This is called ‘engraving’. I thought that I should make the first engraving object a mother, and so is my mother. The most important moment to recognize and imprint a baby is right after birth.” I also thought about reducing the pain and fear experienced by mothers who are about to give birth. “If the mother suffers too much, the baby is not pretty.” (Laughs) So, I found a way to move my body as much as possible and look at my fears. This is the reason why I built a meditation room in the delivery room, installed a karaoke machine, and opened a game room. “Santa Lucy~ Ah! Singing gives you strength. I got the idea from seeing Japanese fertility culture. When you give birth, you’re bound to scream anyway. Singing during labor and holding your breath to the beat. Aren’t we the nation that produced BTS and Psy? There is no one who does not have a favorite song. Singing is also abdominal breathing. I set up a karaoke room because I could change my mood during breathing training and forget even a little bit of fear during labor.

Director Nao-soon, an obstetrician-gynecologist.  screen capture.

Director Nao-soon, an obstetrician-gynecologist. screen capture.

We also summarized the questions that pregnant women, and women who were once pregnant, hesitated in the treatment room.

① Natural delivery vs caesarean section, which method to choose?

When a pregnant woman who is about to give birth to her first child discusses the method of childbirth (natural delivery or cesarean section), what will Director Na say? “I tell you to do what your body tells you to do. There is no need to insist on a natural birth while trembling in fear. Babies never come out of the mother’s or medical staff’s will. Two mothers and babies need to work together well for a baby to come out, but the baby’s cooperation may be insufficient (on the day of the birth) and the mother may be too scared. Excessive childbirth is rather bad for health. And if I suffer too much, the baby is not pretty. (Laughter) Few people think that caesarean section is a bad thing, but if it is one of the methods of delivery and the baby and the mother are healthy, then that is not a normal delivery.” In fact, in obstetrics and gynecology, there is not only the moment when life is born. Silence flows in the treatment room where the baby’s home is not visible on the ultrasound screen or the baby’s heart stops beating. The lost life is sometimes discharged naturally through bleeding, but there are also cases where a curettage surgery to scrape the endometrium is required. It is said that when a woman who has been diagnosed with a miscarriage sits on the cold operating table, complex emotions other than the pain of childbirth rush in. At that moment, Director Na holds the mother’s hand. “It is very frightening to lose consciousness. I also had surgery while having a child, so I thought that I should hold my hand because that moment was the scariest moment. A miscarriage isn’t a woman’s fault, but surgery will never forget it. Even when I became a grandmother, I couldn’t forget it. I thought it would be a sad thing to carry bad memories with me for the rest of my life, so I decided to hold my hand.”

Obstetrician-gynecologist Nao-soon (left) and reporter Park Soo-jin.  screen capture.

Obstetrician-gynecologist Nao-soon (left) and reporter Park Soo-jin. screen capture.

② Elderly mother, is it okay to have children?

At the age of 35, Korean society is labeled as an ‘elderly mother’. There are a number of prenatal tests that elderly mothers must pass. Concerns about age are also twice as high. To such anguish, the answer ‘not like a doctor (?)’ followed. “As an elderly mother, the risk of fetal malformations is high, and what can I do with this? You already have a baby, and you have to deal with it according to the mother’s situation during the examination. I don’t know if my answer is too unprofessional, but ‘child farming is never finished quickly just because it starts early. The later you start, the less you do. That’s good’” (Laughs)

③ What are the physical and mental changes that women experience after childbirth?

I didn’t know that before giving birth. What changes will the woman’s body and mind go through after giving birth? Do I have to experience it to know? To summarize the explanation of Director Na, after giving birth, both breasts are full of breast milk within a week. I also feel depressed mentally due to the effects of hormones. “The lactation hormone raises prolactin levels, which can also cause aggression and depression,” he explains. She continued, “When I feel depressed, I feel guilty because I feel like I am a person who lacks the qualifications to be a mother, but there is no need to feel guilty at all. It is a physiological phenomenon.” Afterwards, stomach pains like menstrual cramps and breast pain continue. “When you get breasts, it hurts like a knife in your chest. If it’s too painful, don’t breastfeed, and if it’s too hard, it’s okay to breastfeed.” When the baby starts weaning, the amount of milk decreases, and when the breastfeeding ends, menstruation begins. At this point, the problem is married life. “Because there are conflicting desires between the couple, there are some fights, and women feel sexual intercourse.” In fact, there are a lot of people who come to the doctor’s office for this problem. It is said that 10 months after having a child, it takes 10 months for a woman’s body to recover. The second interview with Director Na will be released on the 25th. The gynecologist asked how he raised the child. By Park Soo-jin, staff reporter [email protected]

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