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[월드리포트] China says ‘Zero Corona’ is superior to ‘With Corona’

#One. Mr. Chao, a Chinese man, entered Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China in April through the port of Yuyiguan, the border region from Vietnam. I did not fill out the health report card, which is mandatory when entering the country. At the hotel where Mr. Chao was previously quarantined in Vietnam, a number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and fever patients occurred. Even after coming to China, Mr. Chao left his hotel room during the quarantine period and made contact with his friends. Mr. Chao did not have COVID-19. However, on the 17th, a Chinese court sentenced Chao to two years in prison, three years of probation and a fine of 200,000 yuan (37 million won) for obstructing border hygiene and quarantine. Because Mr. Chao did not report properly, 459 people including passengers in the same car as Mr. Chao and other occupants of the hotel had to be forcibly quarantined, and 29 customs officers at Fox Customs were also quarantined at home, causing great losses.

#2. From 00:00 on the 17th, all vehicles entering Beijing have been checked. Whether you are a Beijing citizen or not, you must bring a negative PCR (gene amplification) test certificate issued within 48 hours when entering Beijing from outside Beijing. As a result of checking 72,000 vehicles and 151,000 people, including commuters, from 00:00 to 12:00 on the 17th, 525 people did not bring PCR-negative certificates, so they were not allowed to enter Beijing. They were able to enter Beijing only after they went to a nearby rest stop and tested negative for PCR. These are examples that clearly show the recent quarantine situation in China.

Chinese media “‘Zero Corona’ effect is proven again… Western countries despise life”

Although many countries, including Korea, have switched to a policy of ‘with Corona’, which means a step-by-step recovery of daily life, that is, coexistence with COVID-19, China is still adhering to the ‘Zero Corona’ policy. Not even a single case of COVID-19 has been recognized through strict regulations. If there is even one confirmed person, the entire apartment, area, and even the city with a population of millions of people is sealed off, and PCR tests are conducted until all residents come back negative. If the outbreak is not stopped early, local officials are mercilessly fired.

This high-intensity ‘zero corona’ policy seemed to be effective as there were no confirmed cases in China for a while. However, since the 17th of last month, Corona 19 has rapidly spread throughout China. Chinese state media have come out saying that it is the most severe since the first wave of COVID-19 spread in Wuhan. At one time, there were close to 100 new confirmed cases in a row, but on the 16th, the number fell to single digits (8 people). It’s been a month since this wave started. On the 17th, the number of new confirmed cases in mainland China was reported to be 6, continuing the single-digit number for two days in a row. Chinese state-run media started pouring out praises for the ‘zero corona’ policy again as if they had waited.

China's state-run Global Times reported on November 17.
The state-run Global Times reported on the 17th that “China’s ‘zero corona’ policy has once again been proven to be effective. “He said. Wang Guangpa, an expert on respiratory diseases in Beijing, defined the Chinese-style ‘zero corona’ policy as ‘early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early treatment’ and praised it as a ‘scientific strategy’. “Considering the huge population, urban and rural gap, and scarce medical resources, it is relatively inexpensive compared to the ‘With Corona’ policy,” he emphasized. “This ‘zero corona’ policy is not something that Europe or the United States can easily pursue or achieve.”

The media also reported the recent situation in Western countries. “Western countries such as Europe have become the epicenter of Corona 19 again with the ‘with Corona’ policy,” he said. Such a contrasting situation, he said, “is giving a face to the foreign media who have been disparaging China’s quarantine policy.” Regarding their country’s ‘Zero Corona’ policy, he said, “For the normal operation of the country, it is possible to restrict the activities of certain people,” and for the ‘With Corona’ policy of Western countries, “It treats Corona 19 like a pandemic, and They are sacrificing lives.” “Irresponsible attitude and contempt for life.” “When the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, China will naturally consider a policy change,” said Zeng Guang, chief scientist at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In short, China’s ‘zero corona’ policy now has more advantages than disadvantages.

Luili city in Yunnan province repeats lockdown for 8 months… cut in half the population

The city of Ruili in Yunnan Province, China, which borders Myanmar, has halved its population from 500,000 to 280,000 in eight months. Lockdown and release have been repeated for eight months since the first confirmed case in March. Recently, a resident took his own life due to the hardship of living, and residents who could not withstand the blockade left the city to make a living. The New York Times reported that “the city’s functions have been virtually paralyzed for the past year,” and that “students can’t leave school, so they go to school to eat and take classes.” The former deputy mayor of Rui Rishi even posted an article on the Internet saying, “Lui Ri needs the government’s attention”.

An empty road in Luili City, Yunnan Province
As the city of Ruili has become the focus of domestic and international attention, Chinese authorities have recently significantly eased its lockdown. We divided the city into closed, controlled and preventive zones, allowing movement within the city. He announced that he would support the livelihood of the residents by releasing subsidies of 68.7 million yuan (12.7 billion won). Without outside interest, we would never know when the lockdown would be lifted.

Why is China insisting on ‘Zero Corona’? How long will ‘Zero Corona’ last?

China is also talking about ‘with Corona’. Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, recognized as China’s top respiratory disease expert, suggested a ‘lethality rate of less than 1% and an infection reproduction index of 1.0-1.5’ as conditions for China’s ‘with Corona’. China’s reported fatality rate of COVID-19 infection is below 0.1%, but the infection reproduction index is around 2.4. The Infectious Reproduction Index is an indicator of how many people a confirmed person infects. “The question of China opening its borders depends on how much other countries control the virus,” Zhong Nanshan said. “It will take two or three more years for the world to achieve herd immunity.”

China’s insistence on ‘zero corona’ may reflect the aforementioned peculiarities of China. Due to the huge population of 1.4 billion, the gap between urban and rural areas, and insufficient medical resources, if you switch to ‘With Corona’, you may get out of control. There may be other reasons. China has been showing off its ‘zero corona’ policy based on strong control as the superiority of its Chinese-style quarantine model. He has emphasized the superiority of a Chinese-style democracy that values ​​people’s lives over the chaotic democracy of Western countries. In the ‘historical resolution’ that evaluated the 100-year history of the Communist Party, the successful control of COVID-19 was recorded as a major achievement of the Communist Party. Restrictions on freedom and human rights derived from the control process are being diluted with a relatively high economic growth rate compared to other countries. In addition, social control can be that much easier by making quarantine a top priority. When there is a conflict between quarantine and human rights and democracy, we can put human rights and democracy second by putting priority on life. It was none other than a violation of quarantine guidelines that the Chinese authorities used as a pretext for suppressing the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests since last year. It was said that people should not gather at the protest site or anywhere because there is a concern about the spread of Corona 19.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in February next year. China has already announced that it will introduce a ‘closed management system’ at the Winter Olympics. Then, in March or April, China’s annual important political event, ‘Two Meetings’, is held, and in September, the Hangzhou Asian Games is held. Above all, in October or November, the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party is held to determine whether or not President Xi Jinping will be re-elected for a third term. In Beijing, it is already said that ‘with Corona’ is difficult until next year’s party convention. Ahead of the important event of President Xi Jinping’s third term in office, will he easily drop the ‘zero corona’ policy, which is easy to control socially, or revise the ‘zero corona’ policy, which the Chinese Communist Party has selected as one of the greatest achievements? Is it going to cause confusion?

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