Monday, November 29

[별별스포츠 64편] A player who was good at reversing and was even hit by an opponent (?)… Long-distance land emperor Gebrselassie

Sports Mug’s Sports Yasa talk program ‘By mouth-to-mouth sports’! Sports mug reporter Choi Hee-jin and sports reporter Kwon Jong-oh, who has been a sports reporter for 31 years, will introduce the strange and bizarre things that happened in sports in the past.

This episode is the story of Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselasi, who reigned as the emperor of long-distance athletics. Gebrselasier was the world’s strongest man in the 10,000-meter track in the 1990s, and after the mid-2000s, he turned to marathon and set world records twice. In particular, in 10,000 meters, he produced numerous outstanding matches with rival Kenyans. Gebrselassie’s last-minute spurts were excellent, so he wrote several reversal dramas.

He won the Olympics twice in a row in the men’s 10,000 meters in athletics, and won the world championships four times in a row. In the marathon in 2008, for the first time ever, he broke the 2 hour and 4 minute barrier, setting a world record of 2 hours 3 minutes 59 seconds.

Ethiopian track and field hero Gebrselassie, who dominated the era, a great match! We talk about Byeolbyul Sports.

(Writing/Composition: Heejin Choi, Video coverage: Jaeyoung Lee and Junsik Choi, Editing: Mangil Han, Design: Jihye Jang)

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