Monday, November 29

〈SDF〉 Opening “The most desperate youth right now, regional imbalance, climate crisis…Worrying about solutions for future generations”

SBS D-Forum, a platform for sharing social contribution knowledge, opened today (18th) with the theme of ‘Fifty million voices, looking for a conductor’.

In the opening remarks, SBS President Park Jung-hoon said, “For SDF 2021, we selected ‘youth, regional imbalance, and climate crisis as the issues that our society should focus on most urgently. “We want to find out what voters should be thinking about through the insights of presidential candidates and outstanding scholars.”

Considering that the risk of a pandemic (a global pandemic) still exists, the D Forum will be held non-face-to-face this year as it was last year.

Presidential candidates from each major political party took part as speakers and announced their pledges for the first time.

(SBS New Media Department)

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