Yonhap News and Sports Seoul, banned from portals for one year


Articles from Yonhap News, the national key news agency, will not be available on Naver and Daum portals for at least one year from the 18th.

This is the result of being downgraded by the News Affiliate Evaluation Committee after being caught posting 2,000 advertisements in the past 10 years.

The News Affiliate Evaluation Committee reviewed 9 media outlets, including Yonhap News and Sports Seoul, that were reevaluated because the cumulative penalty points imposed for cheating from March to August of this year were 6 or more, and as a result, Yonhap News and Sports Seoul were downgraded. I did.

Naver and Kakao have made this decision after accepting the News Affiliate Evaluation Committee’s recommendation to terminate the partnership.

Although Yonhap News is a public media, it has been subject to re-evaluation by the Deliberation Committee by sending out about 2,000 article-type advertisements.

Yonhap News previously sent an article-type advertisement to the portal in August and was severely punished for stopping exposure on the 32nd.

The two media companies will be downgraded from Naver and Daum’s ‘content alliance’ to Newsstand and search alliances, respectively, and exposure of articles in all news areas will be prohibited and all materials will not be available.

Even if you search on the portal, you cannot find any Yonhap News articles, and the Yonhap News editorial and reporter subscription services on Naver will all be terminated.

Yonhap News immediately issued a statement and said that it is considering a legal response to the decision of the News Affiliate Evaluation Committee.

According to the rules of the News Affiliate Evaluation Committee, a media company that has been removed from the portal can request a re-evaluation after one year.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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