‘Wangja · Dog Apple · Chun Doo-hwan’ Mural Appears… ‘Julie mural’ controversial building


Another mural appeared on the exterior wall of a second-hand bookstore in Jongno-gu, Seoul, where the so-called ‘Julie mural’ was controversial.

On the outer wall of this building, there are pictures of the palm ‘wang’, which caused controversy in shamanism, and the ‘dog apple’, which was criticized for mocking the people.

The yellow mural also depicts a middle-aged woman believed to be Yun’s mother-in-law and a man who appears to be former President Chun Doo-hwan.

Candidate Yoon had previously caused controversy for his so-called ‘supporting Chun Doo-hwan’ during the election process.

It is known that the mural was painted by graffiti artist ‘Ninbolt’ over two days from the 11th.

‘Ninbolt’ agency said, “It was not drawn based on election and camp logic.

Ninbolt’s agency rented the exterior wall until June next year, and also reported outdoor gatherings to prevent interference with the work.

On the exterior wall of this building, the words ‘Julie’s Men’ in July, a picture of a woman’s face that looks like the face of Candidate Yoon’s wife Kun-hee Kim, and ‘Julie’s Dream! The first lady’s dream!’ was posted on a mural with the words “The First Lady’s Dream!”

After the controversy spread, the bookstore erased the painting by painting over it with white paint.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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