“Trump administration presses health officials to hide the risk of COVID-19”


Testimony has emerged that the former US administration pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the CDC by high-ranking officials, including the White House, to hide the seriousness of COVID-19.

The US House of Representatives special subcommittee investigating the COVID-19 response process released transcripts of officials who testified that the Trump administration exerted pressure on the CDC last year, political media The Hill reported.

According to this data, a high-ranking CDC official, Nancy Messoneer, gave a press briefing in February last year, warning the dangers of COVID-19 and that the spread of the virus is inevitable in the United States as well.

At that time, former President Trump was showing an attitude of downplaying the risk by saying that Corona 19 was treated like the flu and that there was no big problem.

Messonir’s briefing angered former President Trump, and the Trump administration stopped authorizing CDC officials from approving press briefings.

Since then, the White House has been in charge of responding to the pandemic, including press briefings, and the CDC was unable to brief from early March to June, when the COVID-19 pandemic spread in the United States.

Efforts have also been made to prevent the release of content that the White House feels contains negative information about the pandemic.

In particular, Trump administration officials have attempted to ensure that the CDC’s Weekly Disease Incidence and Mortality Report (MMWR) is consistent with the White House’s optimistic message.

A person in charge has also been instructed to delete an email from a Ministry of Health and Welfare official requesting that this report be discontinued.

Former White House medical adviser Scott Atlas is said to have been involved in recklessly changing the CDC’s testing guidelines.

On August 24, last year, the CDC posted revised guidelines on its website stating that “even if you have been in close contact with someone infected with COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes, you do not need to be tested if you do not have symptoms.”

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