The 11 best products for a comfortable shave


We searched for the best products in our women’s razor test and found them. GALA will tell you how your shave will be pure pleasure in the future.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter – in every season of the year we declare war on our hair on the armpits, legs and in the bikini area. Not because of the men, but for us and the wonderful feeling of silky smooth skin. We are spoiled for choice: wax, laser, epilate or shave? The latter is the gentlest method with no great risks. In order not to sink into the sea of ​​lady shavers when choosing the right women’s shaver for you, GALA has looked at the best products among the wet and dry shavers.

Which is the best women’s razor? How is a ladyshaver different from a men’s razor? What can a safety razor actually do? Questions about questions that are answered by us in the women’s shaver test. As far as proper care is concerned, GALA also gives you a little tip to prevent razor burn from developing in the first place.

Lady shaver test: what is a good lady shaver?

Haptics, skin protection and precision are the three most important factors in a women’s razor. If a shaver is too heavy or if it is difficult to hold and is therefore more complicated to use, there is a downside.

The result is of course elementary. Hence are Precision and skin protection are the main factors. When we use a razor, we don’t want to have to swipe the same area five times to get rid of all of the hair. That means not only expenditure of time, but also more irritation for the skin. The goal of silky smooth skin would be missed. So we looked at mechanical razors, men’s razors, a safety razor and electric shavers.

It is not only with epilators that there are devices that are all-rounders and also provide other services in addition to depilation. Of the Philips Satin Shave In addition to gentle hair removal, it can also be used for a pedicure. With its rotating surface, the electric foot file ensures soft velvet paws. Because of its rounded trimmer tips, scratches are impossible if used correctly, the resilient shaving foil then ensures the necessary precision. So no hair is left out. Hence the Satin Shave too ideal for the bikini line. A wet shave is just as possible with the Philips women’s shaver as a dry shave. Of the Anti-slip handle ensures a good grip when using in the shower. The shaver is equipped with a long-life battery and can be used for 40 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

What types of razors are there?

The world of razors lies at our feet, ladies. That is exactly what makes the selection so difficult. Sometimes we feel almost overwhelmed by the wide range of women’s razors. A brief overview will help you with your search:

  • Mechanical razors
  • Electric razors
  • Disposable razors
  • Safety razor
  • Men’s razor

For the classic lovers

“I’m your venus, I’m your fire, at your desire” – since Gillette advertised the Gillette Venus women’s shaver with the song “Venus” by Bananarama, many women have been dreaming of such great legs as those of the models from the commercials . But not only the advertising has ensured that the Gillette Venus has developed into a real classic. That also has to do with his ability. It is not for nothing that it wears Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Spa Breeze this name. Its three blades slide gently along the skin and through the flexible shaving gel pads shorten the hair without any problems. The practical on Shavers with gel pads is that you yourself save the shaving cream, as the cushions emit their own foam when in use.

For sensitive skin

Razor bumps and small pimples occur when shaving too little moisture. The ensures that this is guaranteed in this process Wilkinson Sword Intuition Sensitive Care Rasierer with its four blades and that Aloe vera contained in the gel cushions for a comfortable shave on sensitive skin. The plant is not only known to be cared for. Aloe vera has an antibacterial effectwhich prevents small razor pimples from developing in the first place. The wider shape of the shaver is very practical to use. It is stable in the hand and, thanks to its rounded edges, can ideally reach curvy parts of the body.

For bestseller fans

If you prefer an electric razor, this is it LadyShave Wet & Dry von Philips a good choice. The bestseller is not only convincing due to its price. The small razor head makes hair removal in the bikini area and under the armpits particularly easy. Whether as a dry or wet shave. The shaving foils over the blades provide protection against irritation. To ensure that these do not lose their function, you should use the protective cap supplied after shaving. A cleaning brush and 2 AA batteries are also included in the delivery. the Proper cleaning of the blades is importantso you can use the shaver longer. Further information can be found below in the article.

For the ultimate shaving experience

Would you like something more extensive? Braun delivers with its rechargeable Silk-épil Lady Shaver 5-560 namely not just a razor. The 3-in-1 product also offers trimming and peeling, for which there are corresponding essays. The product is suitable for all areas: arms, legs, armpits and bikini line. The latter can be ideally processed with the trimmer attachment. The peeling attachment ensures velvety-soft skin during the shave, which not only lasts longer, but also makes the shave itself easier. The smoother the skin, the easier it is to shave. The sliding attachment is ideal for the legs and arms if you just want to remove small hairs from large areas. The device can be used with its lithium-ion battery for a total of 40 minutes and is completely washable after use.

For the travelers

Are you going on vacation and your conventional razor no longer fits in your suitcase with all your shoes and bags? Fortunately, there are disposable razors that make the experience of smooth skin possible while on vacation. Of the Gillette Simply Venus has two blades including a moisturizing stripthat prevents redness and irritation after shaving. Meanwhile, the grooved handle ensures a secure hold, with which you can use the absolute control over the shaver to have. After use, the razor can simply be replaced with one of the eight models included.

For the traditional

If neither the electric nor the modern mechanical razor is for you, then the traditional safety razor may be convincing. The premium designer Safety razors from Ruhi is made of rose gold brass not only sustainable, but also prevents ingrown hairs. A problem we women know only too well from shaving. The Astra razor blades included in the set, five in number, ensure Precision and skin protection on arms, legs, armpits, bikini line and even on the face. How is such a safety razor assembled? First, the handle of the plane is unscrewed. Hold the razor head by the sides. Then carefully place the single razor blade between the two disks of the head. Then the handle is screwed back on and you can start shaving.

The men’s razor as an alternative?

The frustration with the selection and performance of women’s razors sometimes gets so bad that the question arises again and again whether a men’s razor might not be the better choice after all. After all, according to rumors, the men’s shavers should not only be cheaper, but also better to shave. However, there is not much truth behind this. In terms of price, the mechanical and electric razors actually do not differ from those of the ladies. The performance is not better either, but it is not worse either. It all depends on the brand, workmanship and personal feeling. A men’s razor is not a bad choice for us women. Of the Philips BG7025 / 15 offers everything that women, too, need to shave. The adjustable comb attachment offers five length settingswith which every hair can be conquered. The rounded edges make shaving easier because they adapt better to the body and the shaving foil is extra gentle on the skin. What more do you want? It can be trimmed to lengths of three to eleven millimeters. You can always take your time when shaving with this device, because after an hour of charging, the shaver from the Bodygroom Series lasts for 80 minutes.

How does the perfect shave work?

Shaving has to be learned. It’s not a great art in itself, but there are a few tips and tricks that will help prevent pimples or general skin irritation from developing after shaving:

  • Peeling: Every woman wants a long-lasting shave. This is why you should shave one before you shave Peeling do. The dead skin cells are removed, making shaving easier and a longer-term result is automatically achieved.
  • Shaving cream: An important component in shaving is a foam or gel so that skin irritation does not arise in the first place. The desired areas after peeling with the shaving cream Soap or gel with soap and the shaver glides over the skin all by itself.
  • Creaming: After shaving, the skin needs to be cared for. As the largest organ in our body, it absolutely deserves it. Therefore, applying lotion is a must after shaving. A rich moisturizer or sunscreen is best because of its nourishing ingredients. Tip for the bikini line: As with the armpits, you should not use lotion to apply lotion to the bikini line after shaving, but rather one Deoroller use. As is well known, the use of deodorant not only protects our armpits from odor, but also from inflammation. Choose a roll-on that is gentle on the skin and that does not contain aluminum. After all, this is about pure care.

Durability and cleaning

The blades of a good mechanical razor are average Lifespan of ten to twelve shaves. The blades should then be replaced so that they do not become too dull or rusty and thus cause skin irritation. Correct cleaning also plays a major role here. After each shave, remove any residue from the process. This of course also includes the shaving foam. If it sticks to the blades and dries, you can basically throw them into the trash can. Soap residues not only look unsightly, they are also unhygienic. You should therefore clean the shaver well under the water jet. Then pat the blades dry with a towel and put on the protective cap.

The whole thing looks a little different with electric razors. They owe their higher price, among other things, to their longevity. Because that Housing usually lasts up to eight years. However, the shaving head with the integrated blades should be replaced every 18 months, i.e. every one and a half years. Correct cleaning is also important here. Most electric shavers come with a brush that you should use for cleaning. The blades are not as easy to clean as with mechanical shavers, the brush ensures precision in the process. To finish, the shaving head is dabbed a little and capped to protect the foil and the blades underneath while you are not using the razor.

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