That’s what Alfred Hitchcock did to her grandma


Dakota Johnson
That’s what Alfred Hitchcock did to her grandma

Tippi Hedren (l.) And her granddaughter Dakota Johnson at a red carpet event.

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Dakota Johnson makes grave allegations against the late director Alfred Hitchcock. He is said to have “ruined” her grandmother’s career.

“Fifty Shades of Gray” star Dakota Johnson (32) raises serious allegations against the late cult director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980). The Brit is said to have damaged the career of her grandmother, actress Tippi Hedren (91), after she refused him.

Like Johnson in one episode des “Awards Chatter”-Podcasts von “The Hollywood Reporter” said Hitchcock “terrorized” her grandma and “ruined her career” after she “refused to sleep with him.” “He was never held accountable for it.”

Tippi Hedren starred in two of Hitchcock’s most famous films

The filmmaker made Hedren famous in the 1960s by casting him in his hit films “The Birds” (1963) and “Marnie” (1964). At the same time, however, Hitchcock apparently shamelessly exploited his position of power, as Tippi Hedren herself revealed in her memoir in 2016. In “Tippi”, Melanie Griffith’s mother (64, “Lolita”) accuses him of multiple sexual assault on the set of both films.

Dakota Johnson, who followed in the Hollywood footsteps of her grandmother, mother and father Don Johnson (71, “Miami Vice”), becomes noticeably emotional at the thought of what the 91-year-old has experienced today. “It’s hard to talk about because she’s my grandmother,” she explains. “You don’t want to imagine that someone is taking advantage of your grandma.” The friend of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin (44) emphasized that it was “absolutely unacceptable that people in positions of power exercise their power on someone in a weaker position, regardless of the business.”

He deliberately did not release her from her contract

After “The Birds” and “Marnie”, Alfred Hitchcock had refused to work with the rising shooting star Tippi Hedren, but did not release her from her contract for two more years. Instead, he declined film offers she received without consulting her. When Hedren’s contract expired, she had missed the crucial moment to move up to Hollywood’s A-League.


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