“Storm of Love”: Revealed! That happens between Paul and Constanze


“Sturm der Liebe” has its new dream couple! But of course there is also for Paul and Josie some obstacles on the way to happiness. One of them: Constanze von Thalheim (Sophia Schiller). In an exclusive interview with “Okmag.de”, Sandro Kirtzel, 31, reveals why Constanze for Josie becomes a great danger.

“Storm of Love”: Paul have to decide – Constanze or Josie

Last week there was a big surprise at “Sturm der Liebe”: Sandro Kirtzel is as Paul Lindbergh back in Bichlheim! For the second time may he be the dream manwho in the end will marry his dream woman in a very romantic way. But she is really an apprentice cook Josie? One thing is certain: Before the two of them can be happy together, they let go Paul up first Constanze von Thalheim a. She already had the reigning dream man Florian (Arne Löber) wrapped around his finger and is now trying to Paul her luck. Is she successful with it? In an exclusive interview with OKmag.de, Sandro Kirtzel revealed how he sees the matter.

“Storm of Love”: Therefore do Paul having a hard time with love

One thing is certain: up Josies and Pauls Way to happiness is Constanze in any case the biggest obstacle. But even for the tough lawyer it should will not be easy, Pauls Heart to win. Because Sandro Kirtzel points out:

They both find each other totally attractive and appealing and exciting, but they are still a bit at a safe distance.

After all, they both have in the past bad experiences: Paul’s wife Romy (Désirée von Delft) died shortly after the two married. And that’s not the only thing it’s for Paul and Constanze makes it difficult at first, reveals Sandro.

The story that happened has also left its mark. Constanze is also a bit at a distance due to the story she has experienced.

Doesn’t sound like it will easy for both of themto find each other. About why Josie that could work better than Constanze, Sandro Kirtzel has his own theory.

You can read more about “Storm of Love” here:

“Storm of Love”: It is Josies big chance?

Because from “distance” seems Josie to hold rather little, at least he suspects Paul-Actor. And that could be one for her decisive advantage over its competitor be when it comes to Pauls To gain affection.

I think the exciting thing is that Josie is not like that. She is rather someone who simply bypasses this distance or this wall, penetrates it and maybe even does not see it at all.

Of course, Lena Conzendorf is of the opinion that her Josie much better too Paul would fit. Your reason: “I think that the relationship between Constanze and Paul is rather superficial. And that’s not Josie. She doesn’t care about glamor, luxury and status and whatever. She also doesn’t like it when you take yourself too seriously. That is what sets her apart from Constanze.

“Storm of love”: That’s what Lena Conzendorf thinks about the dream couple

Josie on the other hand, says Lena Conzendorf, could be for Paul be a chance to look after the hard blows of fatethat hit him to open again. She says:

I think this is a good learning effect for Josie and Paul. To allow Paul to open up and let Josie get close to her, to the ‘real’ Paul, so that they come closer. With Josie, she learned certain beliefs from her mother. And to be able to paraphrase these, also together with Paul, could be your learning effect.

One thing is certain: This year, too, lies ahead of the dream coupler loads of work, obstacles and intriguesbefore they can be happy together. And who knows what role Constanze while still playing. She has already proven in the past that she sometimes crosses one or the other limit for men she loves …


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