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So he raves about his triplets

So he raves about his triplets

Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi became parents of triplets.

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Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi became parents of triplets on Thursday. That’s how much the rapper raves about his daughters.

Bushido (43) and Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40) have been parents to triplets since November 11th. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, the rapper raved about of his newborn daughters: “Our girls are so cute, it’s unbelievable to see them in Anna-Maria’s arms.”

This is how Bushido distinguishes his triplet daughters

The three babies are doing well, only the smallest, Amaya, is currently “in a warming bed, is medically monitored and supplied with glucose so that she gains weight faster”. Amaya is 44 centimeters tall and weighs 1,600 grams, her two sisters Leonora and Naima are each 45 centimeters tall and weigh 2,210 and 2,220 grams, the proud father continues.

So far it has been particularly difficult to tell the two bigger babies apart: “Leonora and Naima are identical and look completely the same.” Bushido, however, already has a plan: “I’m going to buy little chains now so that I can tell them apart.”

“Anna-Maria is doing very, very well”

The new mother also survived the birth well: “Anna-Maria is doing very, very well.” Despite a caesarean section, she takes care of the babies herself and breastfeeds. Anna-Maria Ferchichi, who is celebrating her 40th birthday on November 13th, reports on her condition: “I am exhausted, but infinitely happy.” If everything goes according to plan, she will be able to leave the clinic with the two older children on Sunday. Amaya has to spend a few more days in a warming bed.

The couple, who have been married since 2012, had four children together, including twins. Sarah Connor’s sister (41) also brought a son into the marriage.

At the 11th of November Bushido confirmed the birth on Instagram. “Today the time had finally come. At 12:33, 12:34 and 12:35 o’clock my wife gave birth to our three daughters,” wrote the rapper about a picture he was in the operating room next to his Anna-Maria shows. He also said: “I am just overwhelmed and feel now more than ever that the family is the most important thing in our life.”


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