So he came to the “dream ship”


Bulent Ceylan
So he came to the “dream ship”

Bülent Ceylan (middle) can be seen in “Traumschiff” at the end of December.

© ZDF/Dirk Bartling

Bülent Ceylan is in the “Traumschiff” issue on December 26th. The comedian indirectly owes the role to Helene Fischer.

On December 26th, “Das Traumschiff” will set sail again. Among other things, Bülent Ceylan (45) is on board as a cook. The comedian indirectly owes the role to Helene Fischer (37), like Florian Silbereisen (40) the “Bild” newspaper revealed. “I really wanted Bülent to come on the ‘dream ship'”, explains the presenter, singer and actor, who embodies Captain Max Parger. “But unfortunately I didn’t have his phone number.” He then asked his ex-girlfriend Fischer. “Fortunately she did.”

“Insanely great friendship”

Silbereisen then sent the comedian a voice message: “At first he didn’t believe that it was really mine.” Later Ceylan got in touch and “I was able to convince him to come on board”.

“When I listened to Florian’s voice message, I thought it was Michael Kessler from ‘Switch Reloaded’, who Florian can parody so brilliantly,” says Bülent Ceylan. “But then I called back and was happy that the real Florian was on the phone.” Since the call, “Florian and I have developed an amazing friendship”.

“Das Traumschiff” will go to Sweden on December 26th, from 8:15 pm on ZDF. In addition to Florian Silbereisen and Bülent Ceylan, stars such as Harald Schmidt (64) as Oskar Schifferle and Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (40) as ship doctor Dr. Jessica Delgado back. Özcan Cosar (40) will play a guest role alongside Ceylan.


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